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Long Beach/Tofino (MSFS)

Long Beach/Tofino (MSFS)

Fly through Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and experience the vast ocean views and stunning coastline Tofino/Longbeach has to offer. With CYAZ located right next to the iconic Long Beach, this scenery is perfect for any VFR adventurist, or the IFR enthusiast looking for a challenging foggy approach. Tofino/long beach airport was built in 1943 during WWII as RCAF Station Tofino alongside the construction of Radar Hill just north of the airfield. The airfield was used by few squadrons during its service through 1943-1945.  In 1955 The airfield was opened again to be used by NORAD in the Pine Tree Line all the way until 1958. Up until 2010 the airport remained very quiet with only a few general aviation hangars. Since 2010 Tofino has gotten many upgrades such as resurfacing runway 11/29 as well as added night lighting. A brand new Terminal and maintenance building was also built to accommodate multiple regional airlines including Pacific Coastal to assist in the large increase of tourism traffic. With many regional flights and increased GA traffic, Tofino is the perfect destination only a short flight away from KSEA, CYVR, or CYYJ. 


Our Rendition of CYAZ - Tofino/Longbeach airport includes many small details as well as highly detailed buildings and accurately modeled runways and markings. All work was done with reference taken on site to ensure the most up to date, accurate scenery was modeled. Some details include:

  • Highly accurate buildings 

  • Highly accurate terminal interior

  • High resolution textures and PBR

  • Accurate airport data

  • Accurate, custom night lighting

  • Accurate custom runway markings and signage

  • YAZ specific details hidden throughout the scene

  • Current Version

    1.0 (2021-09-27)

  • Product Requirements

    MSFS 2020

  • Licensing

    EULA License (Accepted upon purchase)

C$13.00 Regular Price
C$6.50Sale Price
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