Delta Heritage Airpark (XP11)

Delta Heritage Airpark (XP11)

Experience the wonderful lower Vancouver mainland and the Pacific Northwest in XPlane 11! With many hand placed details and finely crafted models, experience the beautiful scenery of Vancouver, Washington, and surrounding areas. This unique airport features a manicured grass runway, Mary's Place restaurant, Aircraft building and restoration shops, and many more details to search for and find!


This scenery features:

  • Accurate airport data

  • Fully custom and true to life airport models

  • Full usage of XP11 physically based rendering technologies

  • HDR lighting

  • Custom vegetation models


*note, previews include car models that do not exist in the public version until the next updated patch

  • Current Version

    1.1 (2021-04-03)

  • Licensing

    EULA License (Accepted upon purchase)

  • Product Requirements

    XPlane 11